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For all my southern people July 1, 2009

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a question you might not want to answer in July

from the musee mecanique

and my obvious response to your response when I tell you that I’m still wearing a coat and scarf most evenings…

graffitti, Angel Island 6/22/09

graffitti, Angel Island 6/22/09


3 Responses to “For all my southern people”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Don’t YOU be jealous that I leave work everyday, and walk across the street to the beach.

  2. automatonya Says:

    jealous of someone about to do time in south Texas in the summer?! pity might be a more accurate sentiment.

  3. Mary Beth Donati Says:

    I AM JEALOUS OF BOTH OF YOU! Finally it rained today—first day in 2 weeks it didn’t make it to 100+!

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