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oh how i want this… March 30, 2009

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rohinimendhi1my co-worker and fellow travel therapist, rohini, was just married in bangalor last month. this is the mendhi (henna) that she had done. two women (one working on each arm) were able to do this in an hour and a half! i just can’t believe how intricate and beautiful it is.


140 maiden lane March 29, 2009

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maidenatriumone of the only (the only?) frank lloyd wright building standing in san francisco is an art gallery on maiden lane in union square. so round and smooth and bubbly…


ployii March 28, 2009

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ployiisign at our new favorite thai restaurant


lazy sunday March 22, 2009

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it’s hard to believe the weekend is over already! saturday was all rain and fog and i spent the day in bed with some weird 24 hour virus. vic ventured out for food, bringing home the craziest sandwiches ever from ike’s place…i’ve never seen so many tasty vegan options and  the dirty sauce was everything the yelpers said it would be and more!

today we made it out to the de young museum in golden gate park for the andy warhol live exhibit. also got to check out the new california academy of science building with a living roof of 1.7 million native plants. hopefully we will get to see the inside soon…



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the following pics are from a recent trip to fort funston, a great dog park/beach/hang gliding spot about 10 minutes from our apartment.  tons of dogs off leash, lots of long trails with 1920’s-30’s era batteries and lookout points to watch the hang gliders. how long before we start taking lessons?…..caution



new year’s resolution resolved… March 17, 2009

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composting, sf style

so i had planned to start composting this year but scrapped the idea (no pun intended) when we decided to start traveling. can’t exactly pack up the oil-barrel-sized compost bin and head west. much to my surprise and delight,  we have curb side composting here! paper and starch take out containers, soiled paper towels, food scraps, milk cartons, yard trimmings…you name it. throw it in the bin and the city takes care of the rest. once composted it is sent to vineyards and organic farms in the area…awesome!

fyi – about 35% of our garbage that is sent to landfills is compostable!


just when i was starting to enjoy retirement… March 16, 2009

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back to work today! i found out what “reverse traffic” means…it is actually a cruel initiation joke they play on unsuspecting southern folk to make them think that they will be commuting in the opposite direction of traffic when actually there is no such thing. admittedly it was 10x worse in the other direction but still…c’mon. tomorrow i will be going in extra-early to avoid coming home at 5pm like the other 100,000 reverse commuters.

work was hectic, fun, exciting and completely overwhelming. initiation by fire seems to be the method of choice but everyone was super nice and helpful. i was oriented on paperwork, met about 100 people, treated seven patients and participated in a meeting. the facility is HUGE and i was lost for most of the day. it is exciting to be doing something different and to challenge my brain (better than crosswords!). then it was nice to come home and  walk to dinner and back in the rain. my intention was to start back to bikram yoga this week – would anyone like to place a bet on that happening? if you don’t believe in what yoga can do for you, check this dude out:

here are a few pics from our saturday in marin county – we could actually see our building from the vista point in the second pic.  thanks for the loaner binoculars big daddy!